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Nhung Quoc Gia Thinh Vuong Nhat 2013 /The most prosperous countries in 2013
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The most prosperous countries in 2013




British non-profit organization Legatim Institute recently published its annual list of the most prosperous countries -Prosperity  Index 2013. Researchers from London have begun to publish the ranking in 2009.
To estimate they take economic indicators (GDP, income) as well as less specific criteria (eg, life satisfaction). All 89 criteria divided into eight groups: economy, business and opportunity, governance, education, health, safety, personal freedom, social capital. Using 12 different data sources, including surveys Gallup, firm revenues 142 countries rated on each criterion of 0do 110, and then make a summary rating.
Russia this year has risen to 61 th place, and we get comfortable with the 10 most prosperous countries in the world.
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As already mentioned, Russia was on the 61 th row with the worst result management (115th place) and the best - on Education (26th place). This is better than the previous year (66 th). However, we are still far from the leaders of the rating.
According to the conclusions of the British researchers, the most difficult situation in Russia is composed of government and individual liberty, aided by high levels of corruption and disbelief most of the ordinary people in the effectiveness of the public administration system. The strengths of Russian experts attributed the education system and health care.
1. 10. Luxembourg
The best indicator: health care (first place)
Worst value: education (46 th)
GDP per capita: $ 91 387.9
The level of life satisfaction: 7 out of 10

2. Safely Luxembourg appreciated by one point higher than in previous years. The fall noted in the economy (by 10 rows to 14 th place). In the country, according to experts, comes less investment from abroad.
3. 9. Netherlands
The best indicator: Social capital (fifth place)
Worst performance: the economy (20 th)
GDP per capita: $ 43 198.3
The level of life satisfaction: 7.5 out of 10
4. Amsterdam
5. The Dutch are slightly improved their performance: two points in five years. Right up to seven lines of the level of health, which is associated with an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in the number of respiratory diseases.
This is the famous windmills of Kinderdijk.
6. The Netherlands is often called "Holland" is officially wrong. North and South Holland - it is only 2 of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Historically, it has been two of the most developed provinces and best-known outside of the Netherlands, so in many languages ​​is often called Holland entire country. In the Russian language is widely used name received after the visit of Peter I and his entourage to the Netherlands.
Amsterdam in the winter
7. 8. Finland
The best indicator of business and opportunities (third place) 
Worst value: the economy (26 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 38 654.6 
The level of life satisfaction: 7.4 out of 10
8. Finland fell from 2009 to the four lines. Economic indicators have declined drastically especially (a decrease of 16 positions to 26th place). The country has serious problems with unemployment and reliability of financial institutions.
9. Finnish winter
10. 7. Australia
Best value: education (second place) 
Worst value: health (17th) 
GDP per capita: $ 44 597.8 
level of life satisfaction: 7.2 out of 10 
11. Compared with 2009, Australia has moved into two rows down. Especially in this time seriously reduced the level of security in the country, which is, analysts say, with the influx of refugees, including those from the Philippines, and other demographic problems.
This is the Harbour Bridge - the biggest bridge in Sydney, one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world. He is one of the main attractions of Sydney
12. Musical Theatre in Sydney, one of the most famous and recognizable buildings in the world, is a symbol of Australia's largest city and one of the main attractions of the continent
13. 6. Denmark
The best indicator of business and opportunities (second place) 
Worst value: the economy (23 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 42 086.1 
The level of life satisfaction: 7 out of 10 
compared with 2009, this Scandinavian country has fallen in the ranking by four positions . This decline is largely economic reasons: the compilers are seeing an increase in unemployment, bad loans, reducing the reliability of financial institutions.
14. Kingdom of Denmark - the southernmost of the Nordic countries. Also in the kingdom includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Also see the article, "Journey to the Faroe Islands."
It's the little mermaid - a statue depicting a character from a fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen, is located in Copenhagen harbor
15. 5. New Zealand
The best indicator: education (first place) 
Worst value: healthcare (20 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 32 219.5 
level of life satisfaction: 7 out of 10 
The state is located in the south-western Pacific Ocean, located on two major islands ( North Island and the South Island) and a large number (approximately 700) adjacent smaller islands.
16. New Zealand always gets in the various ratings of the happiest parts of the world. And the rating is not an exception.However, in comparison with the year 2009 the country fell by three positions. A significant contribution to this made a reduction in safety that experts Legatim Institute, in particular, is associated with the influx of migrants.
17. 4. Sweden
The best indicator of business and opportunities (first place) 
Worst value: education (14 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 43 180.2 
The level of life satisfaction: 7.6 out of 10 
Panorama of Stockholm.
18. The Kingdom of Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe and the fifth among the countries all over Europe. In the photo: City Hall, which is a symbol of Stockholm, is located on Kungsholmen Island in Lake Mälaren and is one of the illustrative examples of modern European architecture
19. This country has risen in the rankings for five years at three positions. Particularly well in Sweden to cope with the problem of security: reduced the number of thefts and assaults in the streets.
20. 3. Canada
The best indicator: personal liberty (first place) 
Worst value: business and opportunities (16 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 42,533, 4 
level of life satisfaction: 7.4 out of 10 
21. Since 2009, Canada has risen in the ranking of the most prosperous countries in the 3 lines. In this country, experts Legatim Institute noted the high level of freedom and tolerance towards migrants. Economic stability is due primarily to a variety of natural resources with a small population.
Night Vancouver
22. Canada is the second largest in terms of area after Russia. Is one of the richest countries in the world with high per capita income.
Niagara Falls - the most powerful in North America. The height of the waterfalls is 53 meters
23. Switzerland
The best indicator: control (first place) 
Worst value: education (27 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 53 366.7 
level of life satisfaction: 7.8 out of 10 
Switzerland - one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. Switzerland - a highly industrialized country with a highly productive intensive agriculture and the almost complete absence of any minerals.
24. Since 2009, the country is gradually rose higher and higher in the ranking of the most prosperous countries, having mastered six stages over five years. As written by experts Prosperity Index, Switzerland is becoming a happier thanks to the growing freedom of choice and tolerance towards ethnic minorities and migrants.
25. 1. Norway
The best indicator: the economy (first place) 
Worst value: control (12 th) 
GDP per capita: $ 65 639.8 
level of life satisfaction: 7.7 out of 10
26. Life in this Scandinavian country is stable only: among the happiest countries only Norway five years of the Prosperity Index is not to lose ground. Since 2009, the Norwegians always get a "gold" rating.


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