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100 years ago, people never knew what other cities of the world looked like, other than peering at old photographs and paintings, and completing the rest with their imagination. Today, you can see any major city in the world, not in some old dusty photo, but right now, and in video. So, if you could choose to see any city in the world, which would it be?


We are going to make it easier on you - by offering you ALL of them! Think of this as your personal terminal, with no passport required.
Instructions: Just pick a country, choose the city you'd like to see and click on it to see a video showing you the best of it!


Afghanistan Albania Algeria Germany Angola
Saudi Arabia Argentina Armenia Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Bahamas Bangladesh Belgium Belarus

Benin Burma Bolivia Bosnia Botswana
Brazil Bulgaria BukinaFaso Cambodia Canada
Caribbean Chile China Colombia Congo
North Korea South Korea Costa Rica Cuba Denmark
Egypt United Arab Emirates Ecuador Spain United States





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  (Hausaigonews Thanks : Shai Kuritzky and John hlebowski )     

                                Visit Over 500 Major Cities in the orld !


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